To accentuate your individuality with precious designs that are tied to meaningful moments
and memories you wish to capture in time to pass on to generations to come.

Our journey started with bespoke jewellery, which is why we cherish
individuality so dearly.

The Designer

Nadine Attar, founder and designer, third generation luxury business entrepreneur.

She is mostly inspired by colors of nature and diversity of character. She believes jewellery should be a personal statement.

Nadine is attracted to asymmetry and admires the uniqueness of all natural gemstones.

Her passion is inherited from her father who has been in the luxury field for over 40 years.

​Nadine left a long successful career in banking to become a Gemologist, a Certified Diamond Graduate, a Certified Gemstone Grader, and an Accredited Jewelry Professional.


​Freedom of Expression

Our designs invite devotees to mix and match or customize the pieces to craft their own personalized meaning.

Design & Craftsmanship

Our inspirations stem from nature, spirituality and culture.

We take quality and creativity seriously, which is why we manufacture in Italy, the home of art and class.

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