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Whispers of a Muse

At the heart of a worldwide lockdown where the population of planet Earth stayed in, a global panic possessed us all. It was the worst of times with no escape, a pandemic is being fought, and a powerful fact was acknowledged; we are all at the end of the day equal. In these dire circumstances, a Whisper of a Muse was heard. A call to resilience and strength was urged. A fight over one’s self is holding Hope and Faith so tight.

The capsule collection, Whispers of a Muse, was my last project with my late Father. Using the finest of diamonds in several shapes, sizes, and colors, timeless treasures were crafted. Just as a diamond, symbolizes strength and shine post extreme intense pressure. Its uniqueness is transmitted solely in the quality of its stones and craftsmanship worked in classic timeless jewels.

My beloved Father, I will continue walking in your footsteps keeping faith and hope tight in my heart.
I promise to pass memories that last for generations to come.