Love You Mom

Our Devoted Warrior

With no guidebook to being a parent, her pure devotion to nurture and endless care is still a fraction of what she can offer. Her persistence to flourish the best version of her little ones is a gift offered to humankind.

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Spring Cleaning to the Core

From Nadine: A Letter of Hope

This is the time where we are handed an opportunity to focus on taking control, by changing certain behaviors and bad habits.

This is the time where we do a real ‘Spring Cleaning’; the type of cleaning that shakes us to the core.

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The Art of Embroidery

Delve deeper into the Farah Engagement collection: La Broderie.

Using a needle, a thread or yarn, on fabric or any piece of material, the artistic concept of embroidery gets implemented. A fine art that inspired Nadine Jewellery to create the La Broderie line – a stunning addition to the Farah Engagement collection with its remarkable aesthetic in which appreciated most by those who seek uniqueness and dare to imagine a journey back into Victorian times.

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Friends of the House

Amina Khalil ​explores Italy with Nadine Jewellery

One of today’s most talented Arab artists, Egyptian actress, Amina Khalil, demonstrates the natural ease of styling Nadine Jewellery for any occasion.

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Love in Layers

Introducing Farah, the engagement collection.

Love is one of the most powerful feelings that one can experience, and yet it’s one of the most difficult words to describe. We spend our lives expressing how much we “love” things, and people, and each time we say the word, it holds a different meaning.

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A Trend Set by A Queen

The story of Sirr Lockets.

As we visit modern museums, we observe the evolution of jewellery; their materials and designs illustrate the taste of those who wore them at the time. An observation that makes us imagine stories of their original owners. A certain glamour and sense of magic is felt that transports us to a time long ago, when jewellery was made with plentiful thought and much symbolism.

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Saudi National Day. Saudi Pride.

A place where we belong, a place where we flourish.

On the national day of our home, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, we reflect on what it means to be...

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Bespoke Foundations

Relish in the privilege of a private one-on-one appointment to create and customise Nadine Jewellery designed to tell your story.

The journey of Nadine Jewellery began with bespoke jewellery design, which is why we cherish individuality so dearly. Crafting customised...

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Rubies are Red, Sapphires are Blue…

A royal favourite for centuries, July’s birthstone and a traditional 40th wedding anniversary gift, the ruby, has a rich history.

Not only has the precious gem been worn by royal families throughout history, they have also been believed to protect...

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A #JourneyofLove: Staying Connected

You never know whose #JourneyOfLove you might just have a positive impact on. 

Exploring the #JourneyOfLove further afield from the relationship between husband and wife or mother and child, during the Holy Month...

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Introducing: Neda

A call to slow down, and observe the beauty that surrounds all of us.

At the break of dawn, if you’re lucky, you can catch a glimpse at one of nature’s most valuable lessons;...

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A Mother’s Journey of Love

A love that is indescribable, infinite and unconditional.

How breathless can you get as you look into the sea? It’s a view that we all admire. We are...

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