A #JourneyOfLove and Our First Limited Edition Collection

Discover the first limited edition collection by Nadine Jewellery inspired by the #JourneyOfLove. 

As we enter the second month of 2019, we turn our attention to love, celebrating and honouring it in all of its purely honest, innocent and madly passionate forms with the launch of our campaign #JourneyOfLove which coincides with the release of our limited edition Valentine’s Day collection.

“You are all I ever wanted love to be.” – e.s.

Inspired by love stories, new and old, February, the calendar year’s most widely celebrated month of love, acts as the perfect place to begin the Nadine Jewellery #JourneyOfLove. It was important to creative director and founder, Nadine, to focus on real people and their stories of love with this very special campaign. Lasting throughout the year, the ongoing campaign calls upon Nadine Jewellery admirers to look within themselves to define their own #JourneyOfLove.

The Interview

Joining us as we launch our #JourneyOfLove campaign is Heba Faqih and Jon Dean. A true love story looking beyond cultural limitations, Heba and Jon found a special companionship in each other that looked beyond the stereotypical differences the world around us constructs, to ultimately unite in an unbreakable bond of true love.

As you watch the video, you will realise a bond that we all aspire to have… you will witness two people who genuinely love and understand each other, and you will see a couple that work together as a united team rather than compete as two separate individuals, as many others do.

Share this special moment with us as we celebrate their #JourneyOfLove by watching our exclusive interview with the couple and discover the details of how their story unfolded and what amusing answers they had for us when separated and asked questions both sentimental and humorous about their relationship.

The Amor Limited Edition Collection

Drawing inspiration from the elegant simplicity of ROUH, the limited edition collection for women is enhanced by mesmerising heart-shaped red rubies, diamonds and an unexpected engraving of the word Amore – the Latin word for love.

In addition to designs for ladies, the collection also includes two exclusive keepsakes for men; the signature Men’s Titanium and Steel Bracelet is given a distinguished update with deep red steel tip ends, complimenting its soft titanium band and the cufflinks are treated in a deep red titanium finishing to complement the men’s bracelet.

Mark a special occasion with a keepsake that communicates this meaningful heartfelt moment on your #JourneyOfLove with Nadine Jewellery and tell your own story by using the hashtag ( #JourneyOfLove ) on Facebook and Instagram. To purchase keepsake styles from the limited edition collection, book an appointment today and experience the world of Nadine Jewellery in an exclusive one-on-one appointment. View, touch and try the collection before you buy, and if you cannot make it to our boutique showroom, kindly call or write to us for more information.