A Little Story of a Beating Heart

Nama – In memory of my father whose presence and spirit are truly missed.

Nama High Jewellery

As time passes, it is remarkable to see how his joyful and kind heart continues to leave a lasting impact on many people’s souls. With that, I learned that eternity only belongs to the good hearts, and immorality is exclusively for the genuine beings whose unforgettable presence is felt for years to come. I strive, daily, to carry his strength, and as he once was, keep faith within my own heart. With every passing day, his lessons are always fresh in my mind, and his voice continues to whisper in my ears.

Using the two-carat yellow diamond, a gift he offered right before his passing, I’ve brought to life the abstract of a beating heart that pulses to prosper and develop. Encased by two arteries: one red, representing passion, the other green, representing growth. Both sides collide to encircle a precious yellow gem – a joyful heart. Creating a treasure (a brooch or pendant) that attaches close, acting as a reminder to passionately grow, to keep having faith, and to craft memories for generations to come.

In one’s imagination, if split in half, the heart is not broken, but rather the arteries expand to transform life. A pair of earrings, each a different color resembling different purposes, yet both working together towards one goal, a prospering heart; one that takes learned lessons and beautiful memories to craft a brighter future.