A #JourneyofLove: Staying Connected

You never know whose #JourneyOfLove you might just have a positive impact on. 

Exploring the #JourneyOfLove further afield from the relationship between husband and wife or mother and child, during the Holy Month of Ramadan we shift our attention to the importance of creating and nurturing connections of all kinds.
In a day and age where we look down at our phones more often than we look up, out, and around – staying connected to those close to us is more important than ever. By maintaining and creating close connections with the people that we love, we in turn make ourselves feel happier and content in our daily lives.

Most people, when asked, will state that their most memorable and cherished moments in life have been made spending time with those whom they have a true kinship with ­– those whom they love, and care for.

However, life’s most meaningful and important connections are not limited to family and friends, these special bonds also include the various groups that we belong to that mold us into who we are and how we identify ourselves – be it a sports group, hobby, religious or community group, these important relationships are vital to our well-being and happiness. Enhancing our personal meaning in life, forming a sense of belonging among groups or communities with shared interests strengthens our sense of self by providing support and a safe place to land when life takes us by surprise.

It’s these connections that leave a lasting impression on who we are and how we navigate life from one instant to the next as we collect and gather moments and memories that continuously mold and shape us into better human beings. Which is why it’s tremendously important that upon receiving and accepting the love and support from those around us, that we in turn reciprocate and redistribute that love to fill the hearts of those less fortunate. A simple smile, a kind gesture, a random act of kindness, by looking up, out and around with an open mind and overflowing heart, you never know whose #JourneyOfLove you might just have a positive impact on.

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