Love You Mom

Our Devoted Warrior

With no guidebook to being a parent, her pure devotion to nurture and endless care is still a fraction of what she can offer. Her persistence to flourish the best version of her little ones is a gift offered to humankind.

In moments of fear and sadness there is no better comfort than her embrace. Her warmth and shared compassion floods your body and calms all worry. She is a gift and privilege, supporting us through the good times and the bad ones. She is the guide and protector, the beacon that lights our way; the real definition of love and dedication.

She is Mom.


My Dearest Mom,

As years pass, I watch my son and myself grow realizing more and more the responsibility lying upon me. I am learning to be a role model. setting the best example I can to help grow a fine seed; to offer the world another human who hopefully inspires and leads by example. I am learning to make wiser decisions by letting go of impulses and sacrificing for his best interest. I am learning that true devotion can only come through pure love; and for that, no amount of thank you’s can do justice to the amount of devotion you offered us.

My beautiful Mama,

I love you forever,