A Mother’s Journey of Love

A love that is indescribable, infinite and unconditional.

How breathless can you get as you look into the sea? It’s a view that we all admire. We are taken by the sea’s vastness, it makes us realize how massive the world is, though the thought of diving in, for a second, makes our heart stop. It is a love-fear relationship. A grand feeling of responsibility that it is intimidating.

That’s how motherhood first felt.

​Yet, as you dive in, the bursting emotions of fear start to settle, your heartbeats regulate again, and the meaning of true love seeks its way, completely consuming you.

Motherhood is truly magnificent, and for that, nature feeds it to us in baby steps. A heartbeat heard for the very first time, so much as an alert of a soul that is being created deep inside. Instantly, a connection is formed, along with a rush of panic mixed with a sense of responsibility; protectiveness; confusion. But that’s ok, the grandness of motherhood is still sinking in. It is not meant to be comprehended until you finally hold your baby, for the very first time, close to your heart. Without realizing, it transforms from being a hidden unseen soul, to a bundle of endless love and joy.

A bundle that arrives with enormous pain and fear. A bundle that exhausts you day and night, testing your limits, pushing hard out of your comfort zone. It is the law of nature that forcefully places us in a teaching situation where we understand deeper definitions; various meanings of love, selflessness, and patience. An experience that makes us slow down, be kind, spiritually rise above… and mature.

No matter how much I try to describe, only a mother can truly understand the mysterious bond between her and her child. Only a mother can understand how her love is indescribable, infinite, and unconditional in every possible way. Only a mother can be the warmest security blanket ever. Only a mother can understand this journey of love.

– Nadine