A Note from Nadine

Finding beauty in imperfections.

Self-expression comes in many different forms – some are more positive than others. Naturally, we always strive to look at the bright side, to have hope. We enjoy watching the sunrise on a new day. We look for a fresh start; a start that makes us feel pure, feel new. We tend to seek perfection, knowing that we can never be perfect. We eagerly pursue flawlessness, even knowing that we have been created flawed. Is it because we believe that beauty is in perfection?​

My journey in the gilded and glistening world of jewellery and gemstones has taught me countless things. One of them is that true beauty and character can be found in a group of impurities. The mistakes that we make and the pressures we face polish us to reach levels of power and strength beyond our expectations.

When I learned about diamonds, I was surprised to discover that a black coloured material we call carbon, transforms to not only the most beautiful and expensive rock, but also the hardest. After facing extreme pressure and heat in the toughest conditions inside the heart of the earth, it bursts out onto the ground, shining bright before our very eyes, boasting its new look as if to say, “here I am, my name is Diamond, and I am here forever.”

When I look at a sapphire, which come in an assortment of colors, I am reminded that its purest form is transparent. Yet, we are only attracted to the impure stones, the highly saturated sapphires; the blues, the yellows, and the pinks – they fascinate us.

Your imperfections are fascinating; they’re the ones that highlight your character and true beauty. Your tough times are enduring; they have helped to shape you into whom you are today. Don’t worry about others’ expectations. Express yourself freely. Color your life the way you want and remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

In a celebration of imperfections and the beauty that can be found within them, the mission of Nadine Jewellery is to accentuate your individuality with precious pieces that are tied to meaningful moments, and memories you wish to capture in time and continue to share with generations to come. Self-expression and story telling are at the core of our concept and we invite you to join us on our journey as we develop and introduce new beautiful collections designed specifically for you to cherish, treasure and share with those you love.

Nadine Saddik Attar