A Trend Set by A Queen

The story of Sirr Lockets.

As we visit modern museums, we observe the evolution of jewellery; their materials and designs illustrate the taste of those who wore them at the time. An observation that makes us imagine stories of their original owners. A certain glamour and sense of magic is felt that transports us to a time long ago, when jewellery was made with plentiful thought and much symbolism.

In a time where jewels were made to hold an eternal meaning and priceless value, endless pieces were crafted for special loved ones to wear and adore forever. Lockets are one of them; for centuries they have been worn to keep the secrets, stories, and memories of their owners; a window into their soul.

In the house of Nadine Jewellery, we offer Sirr lockets, a jewel that is worn to freeze a moment in time; a piece that is meant to keep a memory of a loved one and engrave a secret message from a cherished person.

Dating back to the Renaissance in Europe, lockets were originally worn by both men and women as small pendants used to conceal secrets and bring good luck. Later on, during the Victorian era after the death of Queen Victoria’s husband, Prince Albert, the Queen wore a special locket dedicated to the memory of her beloved prince. Without realising, the Queen set in motion a fashion trend in which is still cherished to this day. Continuing on throughout history, in the 19th century during World War I and II, heart-shaped lockets emerged, representing the bonds of love and marriage.

The Inspiration, Concept & Making

At Nadine Jewellery, we wanted to revive a Victorian fashion trend in a modern piece. The Sirr locket merges the essence our signature Rouh collection with a design that is underlined with an antique character; ultimately creating a treasurable keepsake that would mirror our brand mission to craft memories for generations to come.

The great stories and secrets in which lockets have been renowned to carry inspired us to choose its name, ‘Sirr’ – a translation to the Arabic word ‘secret’ – ‘سِر’.

The development of the Sirr collection began with the construction of the front design of the locket, portraying a jasmine flower, which symbolizes love, beauty and good luck, framed with spheres in a crescent form – symbolizing transformation and growth. Following the standard procedures of crafting any piece of Nadine Jewellery, we take our ideas through several steps in order to ensure reaching a final remarkable piece of jewellery that is timeless and priceless in terms of quality and value. The multi-step process includes design, engineering, manufacturing, stone selection and quality control ­– the process of manufacturing the Sirr collection takes time and attention to detail. Impeccably inspired and carefully conceptualised, each locket is its own unique piece of art; it’s a timeless treasure there to tell your story.

With Sirr, we offer a timeless capsule; a jewel that is meant
​to be passed on to loved ones for generations to come.

To make a purchase from our current collection, or conceptualize a custom Sirr Locket that carries sentimental value, book an appointment and experience an exclusive one-on-one session to view, touch and try the collection before you buy; if you are unable to make it to our showroom, kindly call or write to us for more information.