Friends of the House

Amina Khalil ​explores Italy with Nadine Jewellery

One of today’s most talented Arab artists, Egyptian actress, Amina Khalil, demonstrates the natural ease of styling Nadine Jewellery for any occasion.

​Celebrating loyal Nadine Jewellery devotees, the newly launched Friends of the House campaign honours those who have supported and grown with the Nadine Jewellery brand. An on-going campaign, Friends of the House, was inspired by the community that surrounds our brand, which in turn is who inspires our story as we craft timeless treasures to be passed on from one generation to the next.

​The first Friend of the House to launch the campaign is the ever so talented Egyptian actress, Amina Khalil. We invited Amina to join us in Italy, our second home and the place where all of our jewellery is hand crafted, to explore the culturally rich city of Milan styled in Nadine Jewellery from day to night.

Photographs captured throughout Amina’s adventure with us demonstrate how her timelessly chic style blends effortlessly with Nadine Jewellery collections, highlighting the versatility of the pieces and the ease of wearing them dressed up and dressed down as you navigate your day.

Lavishly layered and stylishly stacked, each piece becomes more decadent with the addition of another. Quite similarly to the way we navigate through life, gathering moments to build our bigger story. The Nadine Jewellery collections were designed to be worn each on their own to mark a moment in time, or paired with more precious pieces collected along the way, to ultimately act as a reminder of each singular moment that inspired your journey to where you are today which come together to tell your story thus far.

Amina is seen wearing the perfect balance of the versatile iconic Nadine Jewellery collections; from the Rouh necklaces, bracelets and earrings, to the Neda necklaces, rings and earrings worn mixed together in perfect harmony.

​In our time spent with today’s most talented Arab artist exploring Milan, we reflected on how important it is to appreciate the fleeting moments in our daily lives, that bring us joy and teach us lessons. When we asked Amina what it was that she truly loved about Nadine Jewellery, her answer was simple:

I was honored to represent a brand such as Nadine’s. She captures in her pieces the essence of what jewellery should be in my eyes- timeless, stylish, feminine, and above all, a precious memory. With craftsmanship at its best, her intricate designs leave anyone in awe. I personally own one of Nadine’s pieces which has become an essential part to complete my everyday look. The engraved quotes reach into ones heart. And the overall designs are of an elegance that speaks on its own.”

Create your own story with the iconic Nadine Jewellery Rouh and Neda collections. Happy moments are worth savoring, so do so by stacking them side by side, and one on top of the other, with the Neda and Rouh collection bracelets, rings and necklaces – specially created to preserve life’s precious moments. Contact us today to explore the world of Nadine Jewellery in an exclusive one-on-one appointment. View, touch and try the collections before you buy; if you cannot make it to our boutique showroom, kindly call or write to us for more information.