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An exploration of the colour green – a tribute to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s National Day.

We turn our focus to the colour green as we launch the Green Aluminum Cufflinks in honour of our home, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s national day, September 23. An exceptional colour, we asked the questions and found the answers to learn more about how green can impact our thoughts and emotions and to uncover how important colours are in our lives.

How do colours influence our thoughts?

Any stylist, interior designer or advertising specialist will tell you that colours play a big part in enhancing and manipulating our moods. Colour psychology suggests that different colours can evoke psychological reactions. It is often believed that different colours can have an impact on moods and emotions, which are typically related to the intensity of the colour. Further to this point, a study found that 90% of purchase decision is based on color alone. However, perception of colour can be skewed based on personal experience and cultural influence. For example, yellow is associated with warmth, optimism and clarity, whilst blue is heavily linked to strength, trust and dependability.

Are there therapies that use colors? How do they work?

Colour therapy, otherwise known as chromotherapy, is a type of holistic healing that uses the visible spectrum of light and colour to affect a person’s mood and physical or mental health.

There is evidence of colour being used for healing and therapy dating back as far as 2000 years. In ancient Egypt, staring into a lush green emerald was believed to not only sooth the onlooker’s soul but to also enhance their eyesight – to this day, researchers have found that green can improve reading ability, speed and comprehension. The reason behind this is that green strikes the eye in such a way as to require no adjustment whatsoever, therefore validating its association as a restful colour.

As different colours influence different thought patterns and emotions, colour psychology is closely studied and used in various ways as different tones and hues are wisely chosen for advertising, branding, styling and interiors.

What impact does green typically have on people and their thoughts?

Typically speaking, the colour green evokes thoughts of the great outdoors and nature as for many people it brings to mind fresh green grass, trees and lush forests. Located in the centre of the colour spectrum, green is the colour of balance. When the world around us is saturated with green, this indicates the presence of water and little danger of famine – in turn comforting us on a primitive level.

With that being said, green is most often considered a refreshing and tranquil colour. However, these aren’t the only notions tied to the colour. The cool colour also represents growth, prosperity, good luck, health, fertility and jealousy.

What are a few colours that influence happiness?

Warm colours typically influence happiness and excitement, such as red, orange and yellow. However, green is also a tremendously pleasing colour thanks to its many positive qualities.

Are there certain personality qualities to those who love the color green?

Those who are typically drawn to the colour green are calm and reserved in character. Aligning with the association of the colour, many people who love the colour green love to be outdoors in the countryside or wilderness. According to colour psychology, those who belong to this personality are very expressive and emotional.

What colour are you most drawn to?

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