Saudi National Day. Saudi Pride.

A place where we belong, a place where we flourish.

On the national day of our home, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, we reflect on what it means to be home. It is not necessarily a place where one originates, but mostly a place where we feel a sense of belonging.

As a jewellery house, we focus with our designs to bring you home to yourself every day, evoking emotion and nostalgia. We aim to capture the essence of what home means to you, creating a keepsake that carries your story that can be passed down from one generation to the next, sharing your truths for years to come.

Home is much more than just a house, it is where we feel at ease, where we flourish.
Home is where our heart belongs.

On this special day to our beloved home Kingdom, we pray for its continuous prosperity, security, and growth.

We promise to always be part of the mission; part of positive change; part of its pride.

Nadine S. Attar