Spring Cleaning to the Core

From Nadine: A Letter of Hope

Our world literally and suddenly had stopped. Our plans became abruptly on hold, and our lives suddenly at pause. ​

Panic, is the most natural reaction; feelings of despair, as if Hope has forsaken us.
I can tell you most surely and honestly, I have, and I am feeling all these emotions. What has happened is hard and shocking.

Yet a ray of light challenges me, pushes to strengthen my very core. It tells me that this is the time where we work on strengthening our spirit, our faith, our inner thoughts. ​

This is the time where we rebuild perhaps neglected relationships with family and loved ones, even our homes.

This is the time where we are handed an opportunity to focus on taking control, by changing certain behaviors and bad habits.

This is the time where we do a real ‘Spring Cleaning’; the type of cleaning that shakes us to the core.

Please stay home, and stay safe.

Nadine S. Attar