The Art of Embroidery

Delve deeper into the Farah Engagement collection: La Broderie.

Using a needle, a thread or yarn, on fabric or any piece of material, the artistic concept of embroidery gets implemented. A fine art that inspired Nadine Jewellery to create the La Broderie line – a stunning addition to the Farah Engagement collection with its remarkable aesthetic in which appreciated most by those who seek uniqueness and dare to imagine a journey back into Victorian times.

The art of embroidery dates back to 3000 BC as a skill honed and nurtured by many different cultures, with each one adding its own distinct technique, flair and trademark. From custom patterns to unique colour combinations, each culture’s twist on the age-old art incorporated its own artistic patterns and religious influence. For example, the Chinese embroidered clothing with a silk thread, stones and pearls depicting dragons and flower blossoms, meanwhile the Middle Eastern culture’s embroidery involved more needlework demonstrating a more oriental pattern.

​As for Europeans, embroidery has a long tradition of both professional and amateur production and was practiced universally. Looking back to the Middle Ages, professional embroiderers’ guilds mainly existed in convents particularly in France and Italy. It resembled luxury from a fashion sense to the upper class, and some patterns were connected to religious traditions. Europeans were known for using baroque style embroidery. Known today as classic French patterns, baroque art actually began in Rome and was adapted by the French and applied to their architecture, furniture designs, and finally, used in clothing embroidery.

Inspired by this historically rich art method, the La Broderie collection by Nadine Jewellery was born from our love of beauty and art. Every jewel is carefully outlined with intricate detailing resembling the art of embroidery – showcasing how this extraordinary and timeless art can translate into timeless designs to be passed on for generations to come. The name La Broderie is derived from the French word ‘embroidery’, reflecting the elegance and sophistication of the jewellery with the embellishment of ornamental details. Composed of diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds, each colour symbolises a different layer of love.

A mainstay in the Farah Engagement Collection, La Broderie was brought to life with the idea of a groom presenting his bride with this precious gift in the colour most fitting to their lasting “layer of love” which seals their marriage. A timeless treasure that she can keep and pass on, the La Broderie collection can be worn again and again on special occasions or tucked away in safe keeping telling the story of how your true love began.

How will you tell your love story?

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