The Lily

What feels like the end is often the beginning; this is the meaningful message tied the Lily collection. 

The Lily flower is connected to many symbols, meanings and beliefs. The “Fleur-de-lis” (French), translating to lily flower, has long been associated with French royalty, however the emblem can be found throughout history in many places around the globe as it has been used in Babylonian, Indian, Egyptian and Roman architecture. The symbol, or emblem, has been used in many different contexts, representing peace, war, religion, politics, royalty and more. 

While there are over 90 different lily species that exist, the blue water lily is what inspired the Nadine Jewellery Lily collection because of its delicate and one of a kind appearance above water. Rising to the surface from beneath the mud, the blue water lily sinks beneath the water at night and rises to the surface to greet the sun during the day. This particular lily has roots dating back to Ancient Egyptian history, known as nymphaea caerulea or blue Egyptian water lily – frequently depicted in Egyptian art, in stone carvings and paintings. 

The Blue Egyptian Water Lily

Over time, different symbols of the lily have travelled from one culture to another. Such as how its stylised version has been tied to French royalty, been used in Roman architecture with strong ties to the Roman Catholic Church representing Virgin Mary. Greeks also have strong ties to the international flower as it’s woven into their history, included in dozens of religious myths. In China, the lily is held in high regard for weddings because its name sounds like the start of a phrase wishing the couple a happy union for a century. Its connections to various cultures are infinite.

Water Lilies (1916) by Claude Monet

Inspired not only by her Egyptian lineage, but also nature, and art, namesake designer, Nadine, also found a strong connection to Claude Monet’s many paintings featuring the water lily. Ardently admired by the famous painter, the water lily was the subject of more than 250 of his oil paintings, executed in different sunlight and different times of the day. One could say that the captivating colours of his paintings played a part in the choosing of colours carried out throughout the Lily collection. 

Above all, the lily flower represents inner peace – it’s this connotation that created a true connection for Nadine; inspired by the spirituality behind the symbol. Not only is the precious flower the key design element in the Petite Lily collection, it is used throughout the other core collections in an element of surprise as it is placed inconspicuously on each and every design; A reminder that a new beginning is always possible. 

The Petite Lily collection includes an anklet, a necklace (which can also be doubled as an anklet), and earrings. Available in three different gold colours (yellow gold, white gold and rose gold) complimented by coloured sapphires, the Petite Lily collection is an excellent choice for a gift for a little one to grow with. Pair the delicate pieces with signature styles from the Rouh collection for a look that is contemporary yet classic.