The Official Launch

Nadine Attar invites VIP guests on a journey rooted in heritage and nurtured in Italian craftsmanship.

Nadine Jewellery hosted over 150 VIPs on Sunday, January 13th, 2019 at a private gallery in Jeddah; inviting them on a surreal journey of traditional beauty combined with unparalleled Italian craftsmanship.

At the exclusive launch in Jeddah, guests were welcomed with an outdoor screening of “Crafting Memories,” a three-minute film starring TV celebrity, Ola Fares. A speech by the designer followed, teasing guests on the voyage that awaited them inside: an “Inspiration Gallery”, fully embellished with twelve portraits told the story of the High Jewellery collections: Hummingbird, Nebula, and Goldenrods. From there, guests were then led to a long hall, where a beautiful moss garden sprinkled with Nadine Jewellery’s masterpieces–Aurora, Sirr, Rouh, and Men, all beautifully displayed in domes.


“I’m excited to celebrate my work, which is a culmination of years doing personalized jewellery for friends and family,” stated designer, Nadine Attar. “The fine jewellery market had a void when it came to designs rooted in a traditional aesthetic and crafted at international luxury standards; I aspired to fill that void with my brand and share my current inspirations through my designs.”

Discover more about the collections launched at the exclusive VIP event below:


“You are a rainbow of possibilities, live a colourful life.” – Unknown
Inspired by the symbolism of the vastness of the sky – a place most often looked up to in moments of joy and sadness, the Aurora collection is inspired by everything that the sky represents. Made from natural briolette sapphires comparable to tiny prisms, aligned playfully together with golden threads, accompanied by sparkling diamonds reminiscent of bright stars dancing along auroras in the sky, the Aurora collection was designed to inspire joy and encourage its wearer to celebrate the beauty of life that surrounds us every day.


“Watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.” – Roald Dahl

For centuries lockets have been worn to keep secrets, stories, and memories of their owners. The creation of the Sirr locket was inspired by the trend set by Queen Victoria when she wore a special locket dedicated to the memory of her beloved Prince Albert after his death. Today, we aspire to revive the admiration for this precious keepsake, bringing back authenticity and culture into the vast world of jewellery. Made with sapphires and diamonds set on gold in a brushed finish, Sirr lockets emanate an unmistakably antique aura. With a secure clasp closure, the lockets can be placed on any type of chain, or necklace, allowing freedom of expression and style.


“The timeless in you is aware of life’s timelessness. And knows that yesterday is but today’s memory and tomorrow is today’s dream.” – Jibran Khalil Jibran

With every etched word in the Rouh pendant designs is a deeper meaning tied to a memory and moment captured in time. Calling upon self-expression and spirituality, each creation confides a deeper meaning that only the wearer can resonate with.


“Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.” – Da Vinci

Whilst the Men’s collection is inspired by the simplicity of a man, the collection simultaneously celebrates his enjoyment of challenging his mind. Consisting of practical materials such as titanium and aluminum, known for their weight and strength, the Men’s collection echoes a man’s undeniably simple, yet sleek, and sophisticated style through practical yet unique designs.


Inspired by the magic of the occurrence of a nebula – a giant cloud of dust and gas in space created by either the explosion of a dying star or emergence of a new star being born. The Nebula High Jewellery mirrors that of this cosmic phenomenon through a smooth ombré gradient of spinels, carefully selected to illustrate the transitioning shades of a nebula. Complementing the varying shades, diamonds add an extra element of sparkle in the most sophisticated way, creating a stellar design that shines like a new star shining in the galaxy.


Inspired by the feathers, colours and lightness of a hummingbird, the Hummingbird High Jewellery symbolises the enjoyment of life and lightness of being. This message is conveyed through rubies, emeralds, and blue sapphires alongside intricately detailed diamond paved feathers, which illustrate movement. Some hummingbirds are known for their small microscopic platelet feathers that change colour when directed to different angles of light, boasting shades of green, grey, white and magenta; A colour palette communicated through the finest of jewels.

Golden Rods

Goldenrods are wild flowers known to symbolize luck and fortune. Inspired by the exact moment, Alice from Alice in Wonderland discovers herself in the wonderful world of fantasy; the Golden Rods High Jewellery was designed to evoke extraordinary emotions. Crafted with marquise and round cut diamonds attached on polished gold branches which hold large oval yellow beryl, Golden Rods was designed for the courageous dreamers seeking their own fairytale.

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